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Personalize Jewelry Services


At GalOr Jewelry, we believe that jewelry should not only be beautiful but also

deeply meaningful. Our personalized service process is designed to create a unique

and heartfelt experience for each



If you have a dream or an idea for a special jewelry we can make it happen,

Send us a picture or a sketch of the jewel and we will make it real.


We start by listening to your desires and understanding the significance behind your jewelry purchase. Whether it's a special occasion or a gift for someone dear.


If you seek something truly one-of-a-kind, our expert designer will work with you to create a custom piece that reflects your style and sentiments. From selecting diamonds and gemstones to choosing metal options, every detail is tailored to your preferences.

Our commitment doesn't end with the purchase.
We offer guidance on caring for your jewelry to maintain its beauty
and luster for generations. With our personalized jewelry service,
we aim to create a lasting connection between you and your precious
piece, transforming it into a symbol of love, memories, and cherished moments. We are committed to a high level of professionalism from
the jewelry designstage to the service stage for our customers.

For more details on the production stages see below

work process


The customer receives a
images of a 3d computer model for illustration, for approval.

These images allow to see
the jewelry before we send
to manufacture.



When the order is approved,
the model sent to special wax
print in 3-dimensional.

At the end of the print it sent for casting gold, platinum or silver
(This process takes 3-2 days).



After the casting are processed,

the jewelry transmitted to stone setting and final finishing of the jewelry.


At the end of the process

the jewelry pass thoroughly inspected under microscopes

The jewelry is manufactured in the company's factories under strict qualitycontrol and without compromise.

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